Recipe index

Baba ganoush
Bœuf salad
Chicken salad with mushrooms
Green beans salad with mayonaise
Lentil salad
Mozzarella salad
Mushrooms salad
Quinoa salad
Peas salad with feta cheese
Potato salad
Potato and fennel salad
Prosciutto and melon salad
Radishes salad with eggs
Roasted peppers salad
Spring salad
Transylvanian eggplants salad
Tuna salad
Tzatziki (Talattouri)

Alphabet soup
Asparagus cream soup
Beans soup with smoked hock
Blue potato creme soup
Brussels sprout soup
Cauliflower cream soup
Chickpeas soup with leeks
Cuban plantain soup
Gulyas soup with beef heart
Kohlrabi soup with quinoa
Lentils soup
Lettuce soup
Lipovan salmon soup
Lobster bisque
Meatball soup
Miso soup
Pak choi soup with glass noodles
Peppers cream soup
Pickled cucumber soup
Potatoes cream soup
Potatoes and salmon in the oven
Pumpkin cream soup
Ramsons soup
Rădăuţi soup
Romanesco cream soup
Tomatoes soup
Transylvanian tripe soup
Tripe soup for vegetarians
Vegetables soup with ginger
Zucchini soup with corn

Main dishes:
Baked cauliflower
Baked filled goose
Baked maccheroni pasta with sauerkraut
Baked sturgeon on bed of potatoes
Beef steak
Beef tongue with mushroom sauce
Bison steak
Braised belgians endives
Braised cabbage
Braised eggplant
Brussels sprouts with almonds and parmesan
Buta no kakuni
Cabbage à la Cluj
Chicken breast with leeks and olives
Chicken legs with orange sauce
Chicken paprikash in cast iron kettle
Chicken wings with lychees and raisins
Chili con carne
Coq au vin
Cypriot spaghetti bolognese
Dobrogean pork “tochitura”
Duck legs braised in orange juice
Duck on cabbage
Eggplant Moussaka
Fish & chips
Fried cheese
Fried platains
German red cabbage with apples
Green beans in thai sauce
Grilled salmon with mango and pomegranate salat
Honey soy sauce chicken wings
Japanese-style pork neck
Hare steak
Homemade hamburger
Hungarian spaghetti
Kangaroo steak
Lamb drob
Mashed cauliflower with almonds milk

Mincedmeat roulade with carrots
Miso chicken wings
New potatoes stew
Onion stew with sausages
Owen baked gilt-head bream
Peking duck
Polenta with “burduf” cheese
Pork blade steak with three types of chips
Pork head with wedges
Pork rolls with cheese and mushrooms
Potato moussaka
Quinoa with leeks and shiitake mushrooms
Quiche with cod and leeks
Risotto with broccoli and gorgonzola cheese
Roast lamb in oven
Roast wild pheasant
Salmon teryiaki
Scallops in white wine sauce with black tagliatelle
Sliced veal ragout
Sous vide duck breast
Sous vide pork neck
Spaghetti with shrimps and basil pesto
Spaghetti with wild salmon in mint sauce
Sri Lankan chicken
Stuffed mushrooms
Stuffed peppers
Stuffed tomatoes with cous-cous
Swabian strudel
Sweet potatoes sous vide
Swiss rösti potatoes
Tagliatelle with chanterelles
Thai vegetables
Transylvanian cabbage rolls
Transylvanian rustic potatoes
Transylvanian mushroom ragout with polenta
Transylvanian nettles food
Transylvanian spinach
Tripe stew
Truffle pappardelle
Turkey breast stuffed with vegetables
Vegetable pudding
Vegetables fried rice
Viennese schintzel
Zucchini farfalle

Four cheese sauce
Homemade ketchup
Homemade mayonnaise
Nước chấm
Ramsons pesto
Saffron sauce
Simple salad dressing
Tomatoes pesto
Tonkatsu sauce
Transylvanian garlic sauce
Turmeric sauce with coconut milk
White wine sauce

Avocado and honey biscuits
Banana and chocolate cake
Banana cake with coconut cream
Banana doughnuts
Banana tempura
Cacao and matcha macarons
Chocolate with oatmeal
Coconut and blackberries cheese cake
Coconut birthday cake
Corn cake
Corn and pineapple cake
Diplomat cake
Floating island
French pancakes
Green chocolate spread
Green tea ice cream
Hazelnuts cake
Hazelnuts muffins
Hedgehog cake
Homemade Bounty bars
Iced coffee
Jamaican sweet potatoes pudding
Jogurt and peaches cake
Lemon and chocolate cake
Ligia cake
Musli cookies
Nectarines and redcurrants cake
Orange muffins
Orange tart with meringue
Peanut butter biscuits
Piña colada tart
Plum dumplings
Pumpkin and mascarpone muffins
Pumpkin pie
Raffaello cake
Raspberry bakewell cake
Redcurrant eggs foam
Rhubarb and strawberries pie
Scallops with scrambled eggs
Strawberry and cappuccino cake

Strawberry cake with yogurt cream
Strawberry mascarpone cream
Tapioca pudding with coconut milk
Transylvanian “cozonac” with walnuts
Transylvanian custard
Transylvanian salami cookie
Walnuts cake
Wasabi sherbet
Yellow cake

Alsacian Tarte Flambée
Baked eggplant with goat cheese
Bánh xèo
Banana, avocadp and maple syrup shake
Bean ”zacusca”
Bread pudding
“Bundas kenyer” with mozzarella
Chanterelle frittata
Chili cheese nuggets
Cornish pasty
Eggplant pizza
Eggs Benedict
Fried pumpkin seeds
Frog mouth
Ginger syrup
Homemade bread
”Japanese” vodka
Loquat jam
Marrow on toast
Meat and mushrooms pie
Paprika and garlic “slana”
Pine bud syrup
Rabbit liver pâté
Quick soufflé
Savoury cake
Spanish tortilla with chorizo
Stuffed eggs
Stuffed pancakes
Stuffed peppers with cheese
Transylvanian pork aspic
Transylvanian sausages
Watermelon rind jam
Yorkshire pudding with goat cheese

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